Friday, December 27, 2013

Cave Spring Church and Community

The Cave Springs settlement in Crittenden County is about nine miles northeast from Marion.  Many years ago it was the home of about 45 families.  The farm homes were scattered about the hill sides and valleys.  It was a wooded areas that has many hills, bluffs, streams and a lot of natural beauty.  Today there are still several homes located around but not as many as it used to be.   

 One of the natural wonders of the area is the Blowing Spring.  There is a strong current of cold air blowing out of the cave.  You can see the bushes waving 100 yards below the spring.  The air seems warm in the winter and cool on a hot summer day, but the temperature of the air is always the same.

Cave Spring Baptist Church is located in the Pigeon Roost Valley just below the spring.  This spring is sometimes call Blowing Spring and sometimes Cave Spring.  When the church was established in 1870 they chose to name the church Cave Spring for the natural wonder of the area, and it was located close to where the little wooden frame church house was built.

This wonderful old picture of the Cave Spring or Blowing Spring was made in 1890 with two couples that had family ties to the area.  Left to right : John Smith and Rev. James F. Price,  ladies on the right are Nancy Elizabeth Smith, wife of John,  and Elvah Stewart Price wife of Rev. Price.  John Smith owned a farm near the area.

I have been to this Blowing Spring once, and it is was very beautiful, but not an easy walk to get to.  When I look at this picture I wonder how the two ladies in their Sunday best made it up the hill to the spring in such fine condition.

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