Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dean and Shewmaker Monuments

Crittenden Press, Jan. 25, 1929.  Recently a handsome granite monument has been erected at the grave of the late Alfred Dean.  At the time of his death, Mr. Dean was living at his farm home, in the Forest Grove section, and he was buried in the family cemetery on his farm.  Having spent his entire life in that immediate
vicinity.  The marker was erected by Henry and Henry.

Mr. Dean known for many years known as one of Crittenden County's most progressive farmers.  He had attended County Court day on Monday and after the Court meetings he went to McConnel's Barber Shop and became suddenly ill with a heart attack.

He had reached his 88th birthday on February 8th, and was born on the Glendean farm and had lived there all of his life.  He father was the late Alexander Dean, member of a leading West Kentucky family.  Mr. Dean was a bachelor.


Nov. 1911.  Henry and Henry have just turned out from their marble works a fine monument to be placed on the lot of P. E. Shewmaker and wife in the Mt. Zion Cemetery.  This is a very artistic piece of work and one of the heaviest in the county.

Peter Ewing Shewmaker was by trade a carpenter and also a farmer.  Peter was born in 1831 and died in 1917. He traveled a lot of years in his youth but returned to Crittenden County in 1871.

Soon after returning he purchased, what is still known today, as the Shewmaker Farm, located five miles from Marion on the Fords Ferry Road.

 Along with farming, he ran a successful general store which was located on the farm near the site of the home place today. 

He was married to Sarah J. Duvall.

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