Thursday, October 27, 2011

Knights of Phthyas Hall

In the year 1890, a young Marion Kentucky was growing and new organizations were being formed.  One of these was the Knight of Phthyas. 

When the membership started in 1887 there was a total of twelve, by 1890 there was a total of forty.  With this large a membership, a idea of a new building was being planned.  

The picture at the right is the new KP Hall built in 1890.  This is how it appeared in The Crittenden Press in 1894.  The new hall was built of substantial brick handsomely finished without and within and is a credit to the popular and rapidly growing order and also an honor to the town of Marion. 

Many years later the building was owned by Lottie Terry, a department store, that carried fashionable clothing and hats of the time, sewing materials, and exquisite crystal and china.  The Terry family lived in the upstairs section of the building.

After Mrs. Lottie died, her son, James Terry owned the store and ran it for many years.  The store was sold in 1981 and the Terry home and store were torn down.

Even today, many people, have memories of this unique and different store that set on the corner, where today the Gilbert Funeral Home parking lot is located.  Whether it be a child's new winter of spring coat to a lady's fine tailored made hat or garment designed and stitched by Mrs. Lottie, this store and the Terry family are a part o Marion's colorful history.

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