Saturday, October 22, 2011

Marion Roller Mills

This is an interesting article that appeared in the Dec. 21, 1899 edition of our local paper, The Crittenden Press.  I love these old articles and hand sketched pictures.  I wish more of the old business had been able to do this.  We would have a lot more history of Marion in the early days if they did.

This is some of the article that went with the photo.  Very informative. 

This is a splendid picture of one of the county's leading industries - Marion Roller Mills.  In front on the left is the office, cozy and convenient without an within; the high builidng on the left is the elavator; the three story building on the right is the mill proper and its big smokestack looms up in the rear, and just behind all these is a side track of the I. C. railroad.

The capacity of the mill is seventy-five barrels of flour per day, and there are no idle days - a full complement of hands are all kept busy by the extensive merchant and custom business of Clark & Kevil. 

Two famous brands manufactured here are their patent flour, "Little Beauty," and the straight-grade "Dew Drop,".

Mr. D. B. Kevil, is the manager, and is an expert miller as well as a fine business man. 

This mill was located on East Bellville Street, where the popular Marion Feed Mill is located today.

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