Sunday, October 9, 2011

Remains of Clementsburg on the Ohio River

The ruins of the John Rudd Clement home.  When I first visited this site several years ago, both chimney's were still standing all the huge sandstones till in-tack.  These pictures were made Sat. Oct. 8th, 2011 and you can see the ice storms of 2008 and 2009 have taken their toll on these majestic stone chimneys. Both show the damage done by ice and snow, and fallen limbs.
John R. Clement had a dream, a dream of a town names Clementsburg located on the banks of the Ohio River, near were the old Dam 50 site used to be.
Around 1834, John R. Clement built a home, a large home with beautiful stone chimney's on each end of the house.

On Dec. 4, 1850, Clement, a surveyor, submitted plans involving a 137 acre lot, which included the site of this home, to the Crittenden County Clerk, and five days later it was duly filed.  The Kentucky settler continued developing plans for the city that was to bear his name.  He established a ferry, helped survey roads for himself and others and ran a mill.

Then around June 4, 1858, John Rudd Clement died as a result of an accident at his mill, and with him died his dream.  He was laid to rest in a family cemetery, located not too farm from his home, where six others of his family were also buried.

The family stayed on for a while in the large, two -story home.  But the elements also took their toll of the city's dream.  The Clement house became weather-beaten and the family moved out.  In 1937, the history making flood, flooded the surrounding area and the final decay of the Clement homestead began.

All that remains of what once was to be a city are ruins of the Clement's arm, chimneys, and garden plots now overgrown with honeysuckle vines, and some remnants of fences.

 The remains of the chimney on the opposite end of the home.

The little family cemetery is located within site of the foundation of the old home.
Buried here are: John Rudd Clement,
Isham Clement, son of John and Sarah Hughes Clement,
Coseusco Clement, son of John R. and Sarah Clement,
Virginia Clement, daughter of John and Sarah Clement,
2 stones now missing were for Joe and Dickie Clement.

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