Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tribute to Roger Morris

Roger Morris of Carrsville, Ky, in Livingston County, passed away recently.  Although a Livingston Co. native he was well known and liked here in Crittenden County.  He worked at the Peoples Bank in Marion for 33 years, making many friends and acquaintances.  Roger will be remembered in Marion by his many drawings of historical homes and buildings here and in the county.  I once told Roger that without him even knowing it he had played a large part in preserving Crittenden County History. 

In 1975 he did a series of drawings that included the County Court House that was built in 1871 and was torn down in 1961, the old Crittenden County Jail, the Flanary Home, that was located on Bellville Street, that has since been torn down, and the First U. S. Presbyterian Church located on East Bellville Street.  These are just a few of the historical drawings that Roger did.  

This is the drawing of the old Court House.  Roger was generous in letting this picture be used for several different book covers, stationary and other printed items for the genealogy and historical society.

The first U. S. Presbyterian Church that is located at 124 East Bellville Street, built in 1881.  It is now the location of the Crittenden County Historical Museum, operated by the Crittenden County Historical Society.

The Crittenden County Historical Society log cabin.  A picture of their log cabin located on College Street.

A few of the other historical buildings that Roger drew included Piney Fork School House, Piney Fork Meeting Shed, Marion Jr. High School, the Ollie M. James home on East Depot Street and many, many family homes all over the county.   

A thank you to this very talented person who shared that talent with us and through him many places of our past will always be remembered.

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