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McFee and Weldon Monuments

In the Dec. 7, 1893 edition of the Crittenden Press  there is a small article telling the readers of two nice new monuments being carved.  The article reads:  Henry Bros. are engaged in carving from the crude marble a handsome but not expensive monument to mark the last resting place of the late W. E. Weldon.  It is composed of five pieces, all except the base being Georgia marble, and will stand seven feet high.  It will be the handsomest in the grave-yard at Deer Creek, when completed.

At right is W. E. Weldon's monument as it looks today.  Picture made June 2010.

His obituary from the Crittenden Press, April 6, 1893 reads:  Tolu Community Items:  W. E. Weldon died here, March 30th, and was buried at Deer Creek the 31st.  Billy was a good man and died happy.  He will be much missed in his church and community.  Sixteen wagons, hacks and buggies, besides riders followed him to the grave from Tolu.  It shows what a hold a good man has on the people.

This firm also has an order for a family monument for Mr. A. D. McFee.  It will be a shaft ten feet high, beautifully proportioned, with tasty decorations in relief.  It too is to be of Georgia marble, and will stand on the McFee lot in the new Marion cemetery.

Crittenden Press, May 3, 1900:
Col. A. D. McFee, one of the most highly respected citizens of the county died at his home after an illness of six days of heart disease.  Arthur Douglass McFee was born near Belfast, Ireland,  in April 1827.  His father was a wealthy and prominent native of the Emerald Isle, and his mother was a Scotch lady, and a defendant of the famous Douglas family of Scotland.  When Arthur was twelve years old the family came to America, settling at Brooklyn, N. Y., where they remained a number of years.  Later the family moved to Ohio, near north Bend, where the parents died.

Arthur sought and found employment on the famous line of steamers that plied the waters from Cincinnati to New Orleans, and was well known in river circles.  He was married to Miss Annie Marcus, of Boone County, Ky.  They lived in Boone County, Ky and then moved to Crittenden County about twenty years ago, (abt. 1880) buying and settling upon one of the best river bottom farms in the county where he lived until about a year ago, when they moved to Marion.

In the late 1880s the McFee family name was well-known in Crittenden County.  They owned a large river bottom farm in the area of Fords Ferry and Clementsburg area.  The McFee name is one of the old family names that has disappeared from our county.  Buried in the McFee family lot at Mapleview are: Annie V.McFee, died Oct. 27, 1934, wife of A. D., Son, S. D. McFee, Jr. died Jan. 10, 1893, Son Edward McFee, died Feb. 1938, Dau. Florence B. Gregory, died July 11, 1892.

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