Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Genealogy Group Trip to Smithland

The Crittenden County Genealogy Group took a field trip to Smithland Sat. June 12th.  We met at their log cabin visitor and genealogy center for our program.  We enjoy meeting and sharing programs with our neighbors of Livingston County, since these counties  were one until 1842.  The program was given by Don Foster, president, of the Livingston Co. Genealogy Society and Doris Cochrum, on some of the history of Smithland 's old homes.

In the picture above were our members that made the trip.  Left: Connie Gould, Doyle Polk, Dot Kunnecke, Fay Carol Crider, Rita Travis, and Ann and Don Walker, formerly of Crittenden County, and now live the winter months in Arizona.

Don Foster, also a member of our Society, and who presented the program on old homes in Smithland. Don was also our tour guide for the day and we walked around and looked at some of the old homes and business buildings that are left.

After the program we ate lunch at the Smithland gazebo, appropriately named, Buzzard Roost.  From here you can get a wonderful panoramic view of the river(s).  I say rivers because it is here when the mighty Ohio and the Cumberland river meet.

Also from this point you can see in the distance the Smithland Dam.  When this dam was completed in 1979 and was placed in operation, Crittenden's obsolete wicker-type Dam 50 was destroyed.  New history for Livingston was created and old history from Crittenden was destroyed.

 The picture at the right is where the Cumberland and Ohio rivers meet.  The blue-green water is that of the Cumberland and the muddy-brown waters are that of the Ohio.  The Ohio has a reputation for being one rather a dirty body of water.  It's amazing to see the straight line where the two bodies of water meet.  It's as if they are reluctant to merge together.

You can see the great Smithland Locks and Dam  in the far distance of the picture.  This is the first structure of this size on the Ohio River and the world's largest twin navigational locks system.

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