Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Look at old Hurricane Camp Meetings

Soon it will be time for the 122 Hurricane Camp Meeting, June 7-12.  In by gone time the camp meeting was looked forward to for many reasons, most for religious purposes, some for a time for renewing old friendships and making new ones.  Some wanted to use this gathering time as a means to sell their goods,  which were not always so good.  Seems there was always some groups of wayward souls, known as the "Blind Tigers" trying to sell their good near the church grounds.  Where the name Blind Tigers came from, I'm not sure, but it was the men that stayed in the shadows and had liquor for sale.

The picture at right above is of the old Hurricane Meeting shed that burned in 1921.  The cemetery is visible on the ground behind the shed. The house in the background is possible one of the cabins that people stayed in during the meetings.

Here is a news items that appeared in the local paper in Sept. of 1904.
The annual camp meeting is now is session at this place and the attendance is as good as expected.  Only the hotel people are allowed to sell anything on the grounds and that is such as lunch goods, ice cream or watermelons.

It appears that "blind tiger" resorts were wont to spring up on camp grounds but by some means the eyes of many of the tigers have been opened and their masters have found enlivening pursuits elsewhere and most all who were under suspicion have been apprehended but possibly one or two others may yet be caught.

Next Sunday is expected to be the biggest day of the meeting. The ground on the inside of the camp enclosures is all covered with grass and the many shade trees make it a pretty grove.

 The Hurricane Camp meeting shed as it looks today.  All cleaned up and anxiously waiting for the people to come each night and listen to the non-denomination old fashioned revival sermons. 

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