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Sunday School Convention at Glendale

Years ago Sunday School and Church were many times held in the community school houses. Such was the case in August 1917 when the Sunday School Convention was held at the Glendale School in Western Crittenden County.

From The Crittenden Press, August 2, 1917
  • West Crittenden Sunday School Convention met at Glendale School, July 18th. There were over 500 people for the occasion which seemed to be enjoyed by all.
  • The topics for the day were discussed by the following speakers. Our State worker the Rev. T. C. Gebaurer, who was at his best and whose talks are always edifying and inspiring, County President, R. H. Thomas, Dr. T. A. Frazer, Messrs Chastain Haynes, Edward D. Stone, George, W. Conditt and C E. Clark.
  • The Crayne choir, led by one of our worthy song Evangelists Bro. Ula Threlkeld, was present and dded much to the occasion by their excellent music.
  • The Marion Male Quartet also favored us with some splendid music which was much appreciated by all.Other music was furnished by the Senior and Junior Choirs of Glendale.
  • On account of the heavy rain fall, the Convention was compelled to adjourn without having completed t hie program.
  • East and West Crittenden united, installing a partially new staff of officers for the year 1918 which are as follows: Pres. R. H. Thomas, Vice E. F. Dean, Sec'y Herschel O. Franklin, Supt. of Elementary Miss Zula Threlkeld, Supt. of Adult Dept. O. G. Threlkeld, Supt. of Home Dept. Joseph Foster, Supt. of Teachers Training Dept. Joe M. Dean, Supt. of Missions, Mrs. Ed Cook, Supt. of Temp. and Purity W. W. Lamb, Supt. of Organizations Addie Franks.

Another interesting item is the notice of a grave yard cleaning. Something that was done once a years to keep the cemeteries in good shape. Or as good as could be with just one cleaning a year.

On August the 8th, we will meet and clean off the graveyard at Hurricane. Should any one wish to come before that time and clean off their part there are no objections, provided they will remove all trash from graveyard. Everyone interested is invited. Come and bring dinner and tools and spend the day. Signed, Grave yard committee.

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