Saturday, January 10, 2009

Beautiful Old Restored Homes

J. T. and Rita Travis Home
This home is located in the North West area of Crittenden County on the Forrest Grove School Road. Built around 1891, it originally belonged to the Rufus Terry family. Though loved and cared for by the Terry's during their lifetime, it had sat empty and abandoned for several years.

J. T. and Rita Travis, a young couple that lived in Marion, and who loved antiques, were looking for an old home to buy and restore. When they first saw this house, they saw beyond the tattered state of the house and could see the beauty that lay within it's structure. They purchased the neglected home in 1985 and started their journey of restoring the home to it's former state of beauty.

This is the way the home looks today, beautiful, loved and well cared for on it's lot nestled in the grove of trees on the Forrest Grove School Road.

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