Saturday, January 24, 2009

Common School Diploma Examination

This article is from The Crittenden Press, May 16, 1912

May 8th and 9th the examination for Common School Diplomas were conducted by the county board of examiners. The County Board of Examiners were composed of Supt. E. Jeffery Travis, George W. Perry and T. F. Newcom. There were twenty-five applicants The candidates were:
  • Carrie Morse, Iron Hill
  • Stella Dean, Iron Hill
  • Ruby Dean, Iron Hill
  • Myrtle Morrill, Marion
  • Orlan Horning, Marion
  • Willie Clark, Marion
  • Glenn Sullenger, Marion
  • Bessie McClure, Marion
  • Florence Larue, Marion
  • Susie Barnes, Marion
  • Minnie Marvel, Marion
  • May Drury, Marion
  • Eula Gass, Marion
  • Wanda Marvel, Marion
  • Sallie Fowler, Marion
  • David Postleweight, Marion
  • Sheffer Sullinger, Irma
  • Ray Deboe, Crayne
  • Grace Hill, Crayne
  • Vada Stovall, Crayne
  • Lecie LaRue, Levias
  • Letha Brown, Shady Grove
  • Joy LaRue, Sullivan
  • Grace Conditt, Mounds

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