Saturday, January 10, 2009

Beautiful Home - Deanwood

This beautiful restored home is located on S. R. 120 about 6 miles from Marion. It's known as Deanwood. It was built in 1894 by the Dean family, hence it's name Deanwood. There is so much history in this area of the county and the scenery is breath taking. I must admit it is one my very favorite places in all of Crittenden County. Thanks to my good friends who own this home, Carlos and Kathy. I am able to visit it when I can.

The home had been neglected for some time when Carlos Travis purchased it at auction in Oct. of 1998. He and Kathy have restored it to it's beautiful appearance today. Kathy has also built and maintains her beautiful rock gardens on the grounds. Carlos also keep the old historic Deanwood store, which is located near the home, in good condition. As you drive by you would almost think it was open for business as it was many years ago.

This home and the Travis-Terry home are certainly homes that Crittenden County can be proud to acknowledge. If you are wondering about J. T. Travis and Carlos Travis, yes, they are brothers, something isn't it, that they both have purchased and restored two of the most beautiful old homes in Crittenden County.

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Unknown said...

My grandmother, Betty Brown-DeWitt was born in and grew up in this house. Her great uncle, Joseph Dean , ran the Deanwood store.