Monday, February 2, 2015

Cochran Co. Implement Day

Cochran's Implement Day started in 1911.  It was a big day for Marion.  It drew is many people from the county and also surrounding counties.  The day was filled with all kinds of new farm equipment for the farmers to view and ask questions about, and hopefully purchase before the day was over.  There would be contests of all kinds, including produce and stock.  Who had the best and the largest. 

In March 12, 1937, the paper announced that after a lapse of several years, the Implement Day would be coming back.   The day was sponsored by T. H. Cochran Co., and they were going to have a special representative to speak on the advances made in various types of farm equipment.

The feature of the day will be a display of the famous Farmall tractors and a line which the company has handled for many years.  These tractors will be on display at the new warehouse located just south of the Hardware store.

A factory representative of Red Spot Paint & Varnish Co., will be in attendance and advise all as to the proper types and grades of paints and varnished to use on buildings and structures.  T. H. Cochran was one of the founders and original stockholders of the company.

For the ladies a stove demonstration on The Perfection and Boss oil stoves.  With a sample of "Good biscuits and coffee" produced on the stove.  Two well-known ladies will provide the cooking skills.

Souvenirs will be given during the day and all courtsties shown to visitors whether they be in the market for implements, products, tractors, or paints.

It is a day when Cochran & Co. play host to this section and it has therefore been a day long looked forward to by all.

It must have been exciting day.

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