Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Weston Early School Days

An interesting article from the Crittenden Press, dated Nov. 30, 1916, about some fun times at one of our little county schools many years ago.  This is a picture of the old Weston School House.  It was probably made a few years before the school was torn down.  It must have been a full house on the night of the Pie Supper.

One of the most enjoyable school affairs of the season was a pie supper at the Weston school, Nov. 24th. 

 A cake was sold for the prettiest girl.  The candidates were Miss Mary Ainsworth, a very pretty and charming young lady from Hebron and Miss Ruby Sturgeon, one of Weston's most beautiful girls, and Miss Mae McDowell, one of Cave-in-Rick's favorite girls. 

The votes cast for Miss Ainsworth were 460, for Miss Sturgeon 365, and for Miss McDowell 6. (That is a lot of votes cast in all)

There were fourteen pies sold which brought $15.50.  

The play entitled "Mrs. Briggs of the Poultry Yard," given by the older pupils created much laughter and amusement among the company.

Miss Ruby Hughes as Mrs. Briggs, a very poor widow; Charley Hughes & James Riley as Ralph and Jimmy Briggs her sons; Misses Beulah Walker and Mabel Gahagen as Melissa and Alvira Briggs, her daughters; Pink Rankin as Silas Green, a near relative; Miss Winnie Walker was Mandy Bates her cook; Charley Collins as Mr. Lee a very weatlhy gentleman; Miss Ruby Gahagen, as Virginia Lee his daughter; Miss Lillian Bennett as Daisy Thornton her friend; Mrs. O'Connor, an Irish woman who has no liking for goats, was played by Miss Ruby Sturgeon.

The play was directed by the teacher, Miss Juliet Pope, and was said to be one of the best plays Weston school has ever had as yet.

Hurrah for Weston, she is climbing higher every year.  We are all proud of our school boys and girls and also our teacher.

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