Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Civil War Story - The Blackberry Cobbler

Many incidents happened during the period of the Civil War that we will never know, perhaps even in some of our own ancestors life's.  A few incidents are known as they were handed down from generation to generation.  These stories are priceless to our history.

Here is a true story shared with me by Miss Helen Moore, who is now 95 years old.  It's titled "The Blackberry Cobbler."   Brownie Moore was her father.

Brownie Moore stood beside the kitchen table as he was being tantalized by the delicious smell of a blackberry cobbler that had just been taken out of the oven.  Brownie had gotten up early that June morning and picked the blackberries.  Now he could hardly wait to taste the pie.

Just then the salve boy, who was suppose to keep a lookout during the day for raiders, came running into the kitchen saying riders were seen coming.

It was Brownie and the slave boy's job to take what stock they had left to the woods behind the house and hide them there until the raiders were gone.

Brownie started out the door to help hide the animals, when he turned and ran back in the kitchen and grabbed up the blackberry cobbler saying, "I'm not going to let any raiders have my pie," and off he ran with his prized Blackberry Cobbler. 

The raiders came and searched the house.  They emptied out the flour barrel and found the silver that Brownie's mother, Nancy, had hidden in the bottom of it.  One of the men said, "Won't you women ever learn that the flour barrel is the first place we look for valuables.  All you women hide your silver in the bottom of a barrel."

The raiders took all the food and valuables they could find, but Brownie had saved his Blackberry Cobbler.

Robert Moore, Jr. and his wife, Nancy, had moved from Orange Co. North Carolina to Kentucky in 1834 and settled on a farm, on a high hill in what is now Crittenden County, about four miles west of Marion.  Today it is known as Moore Hill.

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Jill Jaco said...

Brownie was my grandmother's grandfather.