Monday, February 23, 2015

Casad and Clear Pond

I've written before how people's names and items of interest have been used to create names for post offices, roads and communities.  One of these long ago places was Casad, Ky.  What as odd name, and how did a post office and community become to be known by this name.

Some tidbits of information I found in the old Crittenden Presses led me to, what I think is the answer, to how Casad got it's name.   From the Crittenden Press, Aug. 8, 1897, it told that Mr. M. F. Casad of Cave-In-Rock was in town Monday.  He came over to perfect arrangements for putting up a mill on the R. N. Walker place, a mile this side of the River.  At the time the land was owned by Robert N. Walker.

Casad is located off Hwy. 91 North about a mile on the Easley Road.  In the early 1900's this was the location of a general merchandise store and also where the post office was located.  There was also a grist mill located next to the general store.  The mill was known as Casad's mill since Mr. Casad had built the grist mill.   

In 1915 when the post office was established for the section, it would be the natural thing to do to name it Casad as it would be located in the general store located next to the mill.  By now the surrounding area would be known as Casad.   Mr. F. M. Casad is buried in the Cave Hill Cemetery in Cave-In-Rock, Ill, just across the Ohio River. 

This area was also known for it's numerous naturals ponds.  The ponds were know for miles around and folks would travel here by horse and wagon to enjoy a day of picking and fishing around the waters.  The starting of these ponds were started by sink holes that had become stopped up. 

Clear Pond, in the picture above, was one of the larger ponds, it was also the scene of many baptizing form the area churches.  It was a very popular fishing place, and in later years 4-H camp would be held here and even a church service or two was known to have taken place here.

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