Monday, September 1, 2014

Hunt Funeral Home

Marion used to have two funeral homes.  Tucker's Funeral Home on West Bellville Street and Hunt's Funeral Home on N. Walker Street.   

The Hunt funeral home was opened in 1951 by Wilbur and Louise Hunt.   It was owned and operated by Wilbur and Louis until 1976.   It was also their home.

In 1976 Terry and Sandy Gilbert purchased the funeral home. In May of 1981, the Gilberts also purchaed the Tucker Funeral Home from Thomas and Ethel Tucking and they operated both facilities.

In January 1987, the Gilberts announced the closing of the Hunt-Gilbert Funeral home.  In making the decision to close it, they cited increased cost of keeping the second facility opening.  They would expand the Tucker building and it would then be known as Gilbert's Funeral Home. 

In June of 1990 the old Hunt Funeral Home building was torn down. 

Today the Senior Citizens building is located on this lot.

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