Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Marion Baseball Teams

In the early 1900's baseball was a very popular sport.  There are several pictures of the baseball teams, but most of them are only identified with a last name.  I have tried to find first names for them, but have so far only found a few.

 In this post card pictures is Front row L to R: Butch Taylor, John Grimes, Gray Rochester, and __ Brown.
Middle row: ___ Moore, Bunk Perryman, ___Guess, ____Lamb, and ___Clark
Back row: Paul Gossage, ____Mitchell, Manager Baird, ___Justice and ____ Conley.

In 1919 still going strong and some of the baseball stars of that era were:
Front row: Bradburn Wheeler, Arnold Driskell, Ernest Conyer, Orville Lamb and Floyd Wheeler
Back row: Clifton Crawford, Schley Frazer, Jack Johnstone-Manager, Jimmy Kimsey, and Homer McConnell

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