Monday, September 22, 2014

Entrance To Mapleview Cemetery

The impressive stone entrance into the Mapleveiw cemetery,
 built in the winter of 1941.
In spite of bad weather, a former Marion boy, now a Major in the United States army, succeeded last winter in building a beautiful and lasting entrance to the Marion city cemetery, Mapleview.

The stone is native granite from Missouri, the home state of his mother. (from The Crittenden Press, May 1942)

On the right ride side of the entrance on a square piece of granite imbedded in the 
entrance wall are these unadorned words
 "A Memorial to my Mother, 
Sallie Hunter Hayward."

Mr. E. J. Hayward and family lived in Marion until 1916 when they moved to a farm across the river in Hardin County, Ill.  They didn't stay there long and in 1920 moved to Danville, Ky.  

Mr. Hayward was a prominent business man in Marion and was also very active in local and civil affairs. He is the gentleman that built the beautiful mansion, at the time, of the Hayward House, which is known by local's today as the old hospital.

The family must have loved Marion, for the family, though all died away from Marion, were brought back and buried in the Hayward family plot in Mapleview Cemetery.

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