Monday, August 25, 2014

Marion 1926 New Construction

In 1926 Marion was still trying to rebuilt and update the businesses on South Main Street after the fire of 1919 and 1921 which burned out all the businesses from the Marion Bank (People's Bank) to the Masonic Lodge building.

Oct. 16, 1925.  Announcement was made that Boston and Sons had been contracted to build a new two story business house on the lot adjoining the present Temple building and also a two story building on the lot to the rear of the same property facing Bellville street.

The architecture of the building will be conformity with the present building, making it have the appearance of only one building when the work in complete.  (this new building would later be the home of the City Drug Store). 

This building will not only mark the closing up the vacant area devastated by the fires of June 1919 and 1921, but the new building facing Bellville street will be an entirely new improvement.  No building of any consequence ever being located there.  

This a picture made in 1926 of the new building constructed on the right.  It was built for a new grocery store run by D. B. Moore.  (would later be the home of the City Drug Store.)

The new rear addition of the Masonic Hall was for The Crittenden Press, you can barely make out the name on the building and George Travis, the photographer, would have his shop on the second floor of the building.

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