Monday, September 2, 2013

Frances High School

On March 10, 1919 the Crittenden County School Board voted to build a joint county High School in the community of Frances, Ky., some 15 miles from Marion.

 In compliance with the order, this high school was the first of the "consolidated" high schools.  Many students from neighboring schools came long distances to attend the high school as there wasn't a closer one for them.

The new school built in the 1920's.  The school was for grades 1-8, plus any high school students.  In 1920, Marion F.  Pogue was the high school teacher and principal of the school.  Tina Lutz, of Dawson Springs taught upper grade students and Mazie Pogue taught the lower grades.

Basketball was a favorite sport at the school.  Below is a picture of the 1926 girls basketball team.

Members of the 1926 Frances High Shcool team were front center, captain Lucille Duvall.
fron row, l-r, Opal Lee Vick, Opal Stone, Virginia Brasher, Mary Evelyn Cruce;
back row: Addie Holcomb, Leona McKinney, Alice McClure, Bonnie Horning and Mary E. Howard.

In 1950 the High School was close and consolidated at the new Crittenden County High School built in Marion, also included the High Schools of Mattoon, Shady Grove and Tolu.

The grade school part of the school continued until 1998. 

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