Monday, September 23, 2013

Old and New

Some of the store fronts on Main Street have changed over the years.  Some are fortunate and have been restored but still have the same original fronts.  One of the building that now have a completely new look is the old building that was built in 1905 after the disastrous fire that destroyed all on Main Street.

The building was known as the Hayward Building.

The company that occupied the new building was Yandell and Gugenheim  Dry Goods Store.

It later years it was the Carhanan's Dry Goods, Willilams's Department Store and The Style Shop.

The very popular and stylish store of the 1970's and 80's was the Marion Style Stop.

Here the front of the building still has the same shape and window style as the the 1905 front.

I'm not sure when the Style Shop closed it's doors, but the store sat empty for awhile.

 Some years later Lawyer's Bart Frazer and Zac Greenwell purchase the building, and that is when it got a new look.  The shape of the front is still viable for the window style is different and covered in new brick work.  Today it is the offices of Frazer, Rogers, and Peek, Attorney's at Law.

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