Monday, September 9, 2013

Gas Stations of Our Past

In 2005 Beavers Brothers Gas station shut down their very popular full-service station after 45 years of business.  This picture was made in 1971.
 Jerry and his brother Kenneth started the business in 1960 after leasing the station from Sam Guggenheim, who build it.  In 1970 they purchased the business and worked together until Kenneth retired in 1994.  Kenneth took care of the farm and construction diesel part of the business.  Jerry continued on handling the service station.

The signs changed through the years from Texaco to Gulf to BP, but the same friendly service was always the same.  

When the station closed at the end of March 2005, the station was torn down and the underground gas tanks, were taken up.  In its place was built a new modern two-bay automatic car wash.  The BP canopy stayed and vacuum cleaners were installed under them.

Jerry, son Kurt, and daughter Kristi, carry on the tradition of service with a smile at the car wash site today.

Another one of Marion's stations that has disappeared is the Marathon Station that was located on South Main Street where the Farmers Bank Drive through is now located. 

 In 1971, when the picture was made, Randall Chandler was the owner.

It is nice to have these old pictures to recall the businesses and service station history that was once such a vital part of Marion's economy.

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