Monday, August 26, 2013

History on Display At Museum

The Crittenden County Historical Museum at 124 East Bellville St. is full of our local history.  Things that you might not think about are displayed there.  Recently updated is a picture gallery of Marion's old train days memorabilia.  

The old sign from the Depot is at the top of the display.  Other items are pictures of the first train that came through Marion in 1887, miscellaneous pictures of train and wrecks that were in Crittenden County.

Actual medallions of the Illinois Central Centennial Markers that match the large marker that is located on our Court House lawn, that was given to the county by the Illinois Central Railroad Company, and a bell that came off of a long ago locomotive.

Our railroad was once a large part of the nations growth but the railroads day as king have long passed.  Sadly the days of the railroad have passed and in 1999 the rails were being removed and it was the end of the railroad and tracks through Crittenden County. 

Another interesting display are items pertaining to the early days of the town of Marion.  On the right you see the old weather vane that had been atop our court houses from the beginning days of the town.  It graced the top of the cupola on the court house until it was taken down for the demolition of that court house in 1961.

The picture on the right next to the weather-vane is an artist drawing of the court house that was done in 1894.  The weather-vane is visible in this picture.
Also on display is the Court House Bell from the old days.

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