Monday, August 5, 2013

Marion Dry Cleaners Closing

(Update 8/9/13 = According to a new article in The Crittenden Press for August 8th, 2013, Frank Pierce, owner of the Marion Dry Cleaners, has sold the business and it will be reopening soon.  So looks like the business will be adding some more years to its history of being an operational business.)

Marion Dry Cleaners located on East Bellville Street, one of Marion's oldest running businesses has had to close it's doors.  

The historic business had to close it's doors to the sign of the times, the rising prices of today's living and the high cost of materials that it takes to run a cleaning business, and also the different types of clothing that can be washed and dried at home. 

The business actually started as early as 1911, with Loren Yates the creator of the business. 

The business moved to it's present site, the old post office building, in 1924 and was known as the National Dry Cleaners.  The section on the with the blue double doors was the cleaners side.

In 1946, the business was sold to Ronald "Tink" and Ralph Hicklin, and the name was changed to Marion Dry Cleaners.

Tink and Ralph sold the business to Paul Vaughn in 1991, Tink continued working but Ralph had to quit on account of his health  

In October 2008 Frank Pierce purchased the business from Paul Vaughn and in January 2009 the name was changed to Coach's Cleaners.  The cleaners had continued working in this same building for 89 years.  

This building was destroyed by the great fire of 1905, but was rebuilt that same year.  It is one of Marion's historic buildings. 

Sure hate to see another one of Marion's businesses have to close.  

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