Monday, August 19, 2013

Farmers Bank & Trust Company

The Farmers Bank located on the corner of Main and East Carlisle Street has long been a part of Marion's business district.  It was organized in Oct. 1889 and the incorporators were Edward Haywood, Wm. Fowler, E. C. Moore, Dr. R. L. Moore, Dr. J. R. Clark, J. B. Hubbard, E. W. Jones, J. A. Farris and J. D. Farris.  Mr. Ed Haywood would be cashier, and Mr. J. B. Hubbard assist. cashier.  

The building was being built and almost finished by Dec. 1900.  This building was destroyed by fire in April 1913.  Plans were soon made to rebuild at the same site and with a larger building that the one that burnt and was completed that same year in Dec. 1913.  In 1923 a second story was being added to the building.

 Picture of the bank after the new second story was added.

The building kept this same look for many years.  Not until 1974 was the building remodeled.

Today the bank owned most all of that block except the offices of Larry Orr, CPA, that is located where the old Kentucky Theater used to be.

This picture was made in 1963.

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