Monday, July 29, 2013

Marion's Woman Club

 The Marion's Woman's Club Building built in 1926.

The Marion Woman's Club is the outgrowth of a small literary club which was organized in 1920.  It had 16 charter members.  Mrs. V. L. Christian was elected first president of the organization. 

Within the first year the membership of the club more than doubled and before another year ended it was decided that the new organization must have a club house.  They began at once working on ways to raise money for their project.  The first money making project of the cub was to put on "The Greenpath Chautauqua," which was patterned after the famous Redpath Chautauqa.  Then followed 4 years of cake sales, candy making, dinners, markets and other entertainment.

In 1926 their dream of a Woman's Blub building was beginning to become real.  The building was to be erected on the club's lot on Carlisle Street, next to the post office.  The architect was to be D. Harry Jamieson, of Paducah, with J. N. Boston and Sons of Marion as the contractors.   It would have two business rooms, plus club auditorium, and a stage with dressing room.  The room of which every person in the territory around Marion should be proud of was the ladies rest room.  Something that had been needed for many years, since the court house only had rest rooms for the men.

The new building was formerly dedicated with a reception.  In the reception line were the officers, Mrs. J. W. Blue, President, Mrs. E. C. Van Pelt, V-Pres; Mrs. Roy Atkinson Treasure, Mrs. C. W. Haynes, Secretary and Mrs. S. M. Jenkins, Recording secretary.

On March 30, 1947, the Woman's Blub building was destroyed by fire.  The interior of the bulding was gutted and practically all furnishing of the offices were destroyed.  Portions of the floor were entirely burned out and the roof in several sections had caved in.  

The members were devastated but once again they went to work and found many worthwhile ways to raise money and have their building rebuilt to its former glory.

The Woman's Club is still active today, and serves the community in many ways and participates in many worthwhile projects for their members and the town.

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