Monday, July 22, 2013

Jockey Lot Day In Marion

Jockey Lot and Farm Implement Day were always on the same day as the County Court day.  As County Days always drew a large crowd from Crittenden County, as all the surrounding counties, it was the perfect day for having Jockey Lot and Farm Implement Days.  

The need for such as event as the Jockey Lot began as early as 1785 to 1809, as there were no stores of any type in the area that was to become Crittenden County, except one or two single-room log cabins at Centerville. 

Jockey Lot was a place for the people to purchase salt, spices, medicine, guns, powder, shot and other small items that the pioneer farmer was in need of, but could not produce himself.  You could also bring your excess product to this central located field or lot and sell or trade these item to each other.

In the early 1900s the crowd of people were gathering around the town spare for the County Court Day and then to Jockey Lot for some buying and selling of goods and animals.  It was a busy and enjoyable time for everyone.

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