Monday, October 1, 2012

Forgotten Business of Years Past

Marion used to be such a busy growing town, I can truthfully say there was a gas station on about ever corner in Marion.  We now have three that serve the community.  

There is Ideal on the North side of town, Five Star in the center of town and Liberty Fuels on the South side of town. 

The Sinclair station building, now not a gas station, but is still being used today, it is the home of the Myers NAPA store.

This picture of the station was made in 1969.

South Side Gulf was across the street from Sinclair.  Later Randell and Glenda Chandler ran this station for many years.  

They had to close the station when they were going to have to replace the old gas tanks. The building is still there, but it is empty now.
Picture made in 1969

This funny looking little building was Runyan's Chevrolet office before their new modern car dealership building was built just a short distance from this one.  This picture was made in 1955.  It was located where the 5-Star Mini Mart is located today on North Main Street.  

The new display and office building was where Johnson's Furniture Store is today.  They still use the building as their floor display and office.

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