Saturday, October 20, 2012

Going Spring School

Going Spring School was located in a wooded area in the vicinity of Winlow Park near U. S. 60 north about 3 miles from Marion.  Land for the school came from property deeded by J. G. Flanary and wife to M. W. Terry and wife in February 1871.  In later years the farm was owned by A. M. Going.  That is how the school became known as Going Spring School. 

In the 1920's when young people wanted to become teachers they could receive that training at Going Springs Normal School.  An alternative to college Going Springs gave people without a high school degree the opportunity to receive a teaching certificate.

Throughout the school session students were taught many different subjects.  W. K. Powell, a well known eight grade teacher at that time, was asked to each the school in the summer of 1926.  His primary purpose was to prepare the students for the state teacher's examination.  Two students were there that year who were preparing to enter High School at Marion.

The students that attended Going Spring School in the summer of 1926.  Front row Clara Etta Stone, Hazel Farley.  Back row: Mamie Murray, Mattie Lee Conger, Pauline Clark, Grace Lemon and in the back, Mr. W. K. Powell, Teacher.

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