Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Remembering Jim Roberts

Mr. Jim Robert, recently brutally murdered in his own home here in Marion, was a descent kind man, and did not deserve such a fate.  This post is in memory of him.

In Oct. of 2003, Mr. Roberts helped me with a history story about his beautiful family farm in the Cave Springs section of the county, located on the Cave Springs Road.  Jim said his family came to the area in the 1850's and settled this farm.  Jim was the 3rd generation to live on the farm and his grandfather, Thomas Roberts told him a lot of early history about the area.

One summer about 1873 a family of Negro's came through the area.  They were stonemasons and made their living by stoning up wells and also did other labor for people for them staying on the land for a while.

While staying with the Roberts family, they made a stone well.  The well in (2003) was in excellent condition as was the perfect fitting cover with two pieces that joined, as you can see in the picture. The stone inside of the well was still secure with the stones tightly fitted together.  ( I saw the inside, it was in perfect condition, being well over 130 years old.)
In the picture Jim is explaining the well construction to me. It was called walling up a well. "They walled up the well at the farm, it was 10 feet deep, and they walled it up in a shape of a jug."

In front of Jim's home were 5 maple trees. He told me his father had planted one for each of their children. 

A few years after this article was done, Jim had to sell his farm and move to Marion, as he wasn't able to take care of it anymore and there was no one else in the family, as his only son had died.

His wife, Mary, died in 2002 and he never got over losing her.

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