Thursday, September 6, 2012

Eshter Love's New Stone At PIney Fork

Esther Love, who's tombstone had been marking her grave site for 168 years, had gotten in a sad state.  It had been broken off at the base and lost part of it's inscription.  Such a remarkable stone and a fascinating history it has carried with it all these many years. 

 I can't help but wonder about the personality of Esther, for wanting this tragic event put on her tombstone.  A remarkable lady with a mind for the future and wanting this history to be remembered, I am thinking.  For when one reads the inscription, you can't help but want the "rest of the story."  Her old stone, though not fancy or intricately carved, is definitely one of a kind and deserves a special place in our history.

The picture above was made in 1991 and was still in good condition, although the bottom had been covered with dirt to try and help hold it up.  In the next few years the stone got knocked down and the bottom was broken off with the inscription about her husband.

Here is Esther's new stone.  I do think she would be very proud of this and that Crittenden County wanted to preserve her history.

The story behind the new stone is a kind generous person had offered to purchase her a new stone when he saw the condition that the old one was in.  When Henry and Henry Monuments, here in Marion, found out about the situation, they wanted to donate the new stone, with the installation  included.  

Henry and Henry Monuments is our locally family owned business here in Marion and they are so generous with helping the whole community with projects such as this one.  They have helped restore, reset, and design many stone historical monuments through out Marion and Crittenden County. 

Esther's old stone is still at the cemetery, but her new one marks her grave site, which is located close to her parents stones.  Piney Fork is such a historical cemetery and so important to our county.  It's care taker is the Piney Fork Cumberland Presbyterian Church located next to the Cemetery.

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