Saturday, July 28, 2012

Crittenden County's No Bottom Spring

One of Crittenden County's legends is the story of the No Bottom Spring that is located about 5 miles from Marion on Highway 91 North.  

If you do not know the Spring is there you would drive right by it and not even see it, for it is located at the bottom of a bluff and very near the highway, but a highway rail almost hides it from view. 

The legend was told that years ago a team of oxen and wagon stopping by the spring for water slid off into the opening and the wagon and team sunk in the spring and vanished with nothing ever again seen of  either. 

The water has many appearances as it changes with the weather.  In the photo above it is at its most beautiful and  is a blue/green color and peaceful looking and does look like it might not have a bottom. 

After hard rains it will appear muddy and even can be bubbling and churning, as the picture above.
 The spring is fed from the many underground springs in the area, which runs though underground caves, and empties into this opening in the rocks.

At one time one of the many spar mines in the area was flooded and the owner thought if they emptied the No Bottom Spring that it was prevent further flooding of the mine tunnels.  Large pumps were brought in to try and drain the spring, during this operation the spring was at it's lowest and the men working saw that the spring was actually shaped like a cone with the large opening and then getting smaller as it went deeper down in the earth.  The pumping was to no avail, for the opening kept filling back up faster than the water could be pumped out.  

The oxen and wagon story may be only a legend, but in truth the No Bottom Spring really doesn't have a bottom, as it connect with the underground caves in the area for miles around.  It is always in motion and it continues to be one of Crittenden County's wonders.

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