Saturday, August 4, 2012

Marion's Fire Stations

In January 1927 Marion City Council was excited about the completion of a modern new garage building on East Bellville Street.

 It would be the new home for the City Council, which is years past had to meet in other buildings each month for their meetings.  Now they would have their own building.

Also included in this new block building would be a 2-garage space for the Fire Department equipment. 

This picture shows the old city hall building, with entrance door on the right, and the fire department truck doors to the left. 

This building served as the City Hall until 2005 when the new Marion Commons building was completed.  The building continued to house the Fire Deparment truck and equipment until May 26, 2012, of this year, when the new Fire Station was completed. 

The new Fire Department in all it's glory was dedicated on May 26, 2012.  It was a proud day for Marion and the hard working volunteer crew that makes up the Fire Department. 

 Even after the construction was completed, the men spent many of hours getting everything in it's proper place and ready when needed.

On the day of the dedication, Brennan Cruce, a volunteer fire fighter, displays his families vintage 1958 fire truck.  This beauty belongs to the Cruce family and as you can see, is well cared for in it's retirement from duty.

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