Thursday, July 19, 2012

Some History About The Town Of Dycusburg

In 1961 Crittenden County was having a  Frontier Festival.  A little booklet was published to celebrate the event and many interesting articles were included in the booklet.  Here is one on the town of Dycusburg.

In about the year of 1835 a Mr. Shelby opened the first ferry at Dycusburg on the Cumberland River.  

Then came Mr. Berry Dycus who built a warehouse.  From then on Dycusburg was the shipping point for the surrounding area.  The town began to grow.

There were three large tobacco warehouses handling three to four million pounds per year.  The large steamboats, three and four at a time, were landed here for shipment to New Orleans and other shipping ports. 

In the heydey of Dycusburg there were three hotels:  The Dycusburg Hotel operated by E. J. Brown and his mother; The Clifton House was operated by J. H. Clifton, including a general store'; and The Yancy Houe was operated by Yancy Bros, and it also included a general store.  The hotels were ufually filled with traveling salemmsmen or drummers as they were called at that time.  

Other business here were S. H. Cassidy & Com.. They operated the tobacco warehouses and a general store.  The picture above is when Dycusburg was a busy riverport town.

Other businesses were Will Hill & Son, grocery; G. A. D ecker & Sons, grocery; Grave & MCKee , hardware; Ayers Hard, drugstore; Bennett Bros. operated a distillery and made "Cooksey Spring" whiskey.

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