Saturday, July 14, 2012

Antique Malls and Memories

I'm not one that goes to Antique Malls or shops for antiques, but recently I have found they may be a source of exciting finds and most assuredly "memories" of your childhood days.

I've learned that there are usually boxes with old photos and old post cards in them, that people have sold to the antique dealers, or even pictures and personal items that the store owners have bought at estate sales and auctions.  I believe many people will purchase the old photos and post cards, as decorations to display even if they do not know the people in the old vintage photos.  

Thanks from a tip from some friends who regularly check for such finds told me about some old photos that they had found in the Antique Mall at Sturgis, Kentucky.  Perhaps 2 old photos of my Travis family.  We went to the store last week and sure enough in a box of old cards and pictures was a wonderful photo of my grandfather, Ewell Jeffrey Travis, made when he was very young, and also a picture of my Great-grandfather and his family, W. C. M. Travis.  They lived at Bells Mines in the 1880's.  

This is the wonderful old photo that was found in the box at Sturgis Antique Mall.  I had never seen this picture before.  So I was thrilled to have it.  There was no name or identification on it, only someone that had seen a similar photo would have recognized it.

Memories came flooding back as I continued to look through the booths of 'old' items.  Things that I grew up with,  old toys that we played with, comic books that we would spend hours reading, household items and even kitchen furniture that was in our home, the colorful chrome kitchen and chair sets, wall decorations and so many other items - that are now antiques.  But they sure brought back many memories.  I'm sure I'll be making another trip to the Antique Mall in Sturgis, if nothing else but for the memories.

Steve and Darlene Eskew, my friends that found the old pictures for me.

Recognize the old Coke ice-drink box that used to be in all the old general stores everywhere.  Remember reaching in the ice/water and getting out a cold coke and opening it with the opener at the front?    Memories and Antiques - go together.

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