Friday, February 3, 2012

Resolutions of Respect for W. B. White

A visit to our Mapleview Cemetery, one finds all types of interesting tombstones.  I find the Woodman of the World style to always be interesting.  They have many different symbols of tombstone art or Iconography on them.  On the base of this stone are Ferns, Lilly, and Ivy.  The Fern symbol means sincerity, Ivy is an evergreen vine and never dies, it stands for Friendship, memory and fidelity, the Lily of the valley, return of happiness, purity and humility.  
This stone is for W. B. White. 

Rosewood Camp No. 22, Woodmen Of The World.
Whereas, It has pleased the Grand Consul Commander of the Universe to call from earthly labor to eternal refreshments above, our worthy Brother of Rosewood Camp, No. 22, W. B. White , who died on the 6th day of February 1908.  

His obituary reads:  Mr. W. B. White, after an illness of nearly a year, died Wednesday morning.  He had been ill for quite a while, having a cancer of the stomach, which was the cause of untold suffering.  Mr. White was fifty six years old.
 Crittenden County Marriage show William B. White Married Mrs. Florence B. Burnett, on March 15, 1989.  William and Florence have an infant daughter buried next to her father.  Little Willie White, born Dec. 23, 1898.  Died March 20, 1900.  Florence isn't there.

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