Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Historical Homes II

Marion still has several historical homes, some have had updates and the appearance is somewhat different.  

One of these homes is located on East Depot Street.  First built in August 1900, Dr. Robert L. Moore had this one story home built for his family.  It was written about in the Press as one of the handsomest in East Marion.  Yes, at first is one a one-story home.

In 1903, Dr. Moore added a 2nd story to his residence.  The interior decorations are to be beautiful and the hard woodwork finish rich and elegant.

Later the house went to Dr. Moore's daughter and her family, that of Floyd C. Moore and Roberta Moore Wheeler and their two sons, Floyd M. and Robert M. Wheeler.  It was the Wheeler home for many years.

It had several owners through the years and the last were J. D. and Merle Myers.  The Myers used it as a Bed and Breakfast from 1994 until Nov. 2009 when they had to close the Bed and Breakfast.

During their ownership they updated the exterior of the house to a burgundy color siding.

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