Monday, January 30, 2012

Midway School

Another one of our one room school's was Midway.  It was located between Weldon and Piney Roads.  The pupils were residents of farms located within about a two-mile radius of the school.  Nearby school districts were Crayne, Lone Star, Piney Fork, Pleasant Hill and Marion.

There were generally about 30 pupils enrolled during the school term.  The school building consisted of a large rectangular classroom area with desks down each side, and additional rows at the rear portion of the room.  There was a side room where lunch buckets and some supplies were kept. 

The bell that was mounted in a small cupola atop the front of the school was used to inform the pupil, and the community nearby that school was in session.  

 School Year 1928  1. James Kemper 2. ?Hill 3.  Lorene Rice, 4. Mable Hodge, 5. Evah Lee Brantley, 6. Wendel Matthews, 7. Gutherie Hughes, 8. Lloyd Rice, 9. Reed Kemper, 10. Robert Hill, 11. Gwendolyn Guess, 12. Mable Hunt, 13. Ester Hill, 14. Hayden Hunt, 15. Harley Hunt, 16. ?  Rice, 17. Ray Wilson, 18. John B. Paris, Teacher, 19. Mildred Guess, 20, Marie Hodge, 21. Mildred Matthews, 22. Velda Hodge, 23. Nina Mae Paris, 24. Houston Paris, 25. Gladys Guess, 26. Rowene Holliman, 27. Ted Hunt, 28. Unknown, 29.  Regenia Hill, 30. Ena Hodge, 31. Bill Agee, 32. Clemmie Elkins and 33. Mildred Hill

Midway School closed in the 1940's as many on the smaller one room school were consolidated with larger ones, such as Marion, Piney Fork and Crayne.

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