Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year Happenings 2012

This is a picture of the new Fire Station that is being built on the corner of South Main and West Bellville Street.  

This lot used to house the old Western Auto Store for many years.  The other buildings that were located next to it, that were razed this past year, had housed many businesses during their time.  They had all set empty for several years and had deteriorated without the upkeep that it takes to saves old buildings.

The old fire station had been located a couple of blocks away on East Bellville street for many years.  The new station is being built on the busiest block in town.  Hopefully it won't cause any conflict when a fire call comes in.  For sure it is going to be a very beautiful building and the clock tower will add much to the down town scenery. This photo was made Dec. 26, 2011.

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