Friday, July 8, 2011

Tradewater Bridge

The old one- lane iron bridges that were once scattered across the county are all gone now, all replaced with modern concrete bridges.  And I'll admit, they do feel safer crossing them.  I remember as a child crossing the old iron framed bridges with the board flooring, how they would rattle and the boards would seem to pop up and down as the car went over them.  I was always afraid we would never make it across to the other side.

One of these old bridges was the Tradewater Bridge that was located on S.R. 132 just down from the Enon Church.  Here's some history of that first bridge, from the files of The Crittenden Press, Sept. 5, 1915.
  Crittenden County Fiscal Court met Sept. 2, 1915.  County Judge, R. L. Moore, reported his efforts in trying to secure the issue of road bonds.  A bridge was ordered built across Tradewater River at Fishtrap, not to cost more than $7,000 to be paid jointly by this and Webster County, and it is estimated that Crittenden County's part will be 38 percent and that of Webster,'s will be 62 per cent.

County Attorney, John A. Moore and Esq. W. D. Drennan were appointed a purchasing committee to work with the Webster Fiscal Court to purchase and have erected the bridge as soon as possible.

January 6, 1922.  The iron bridge over Tradewater River at Fishtrap connecting Crittenden and Webster counties were completed without an accident and opened for traffic Saturday morning December 31.  We wish to express our t hanks to Judge Moore, Esquire Drennan, and the officials of Webster County and all other who did anything to promote this important work.

On December 31 a celebration was held at Enon Church and C. T. Boucher preached.  After the service a bountiful dinner was served by the good ladies of this community.

In the picture at the left,( I have it circled) was a cast iron plaque that was placed there when the bridge was built.

This sign now is at the Crittenden County Historical Museum located at 124 East Bellville St. in Marion.  The plaque was donated some years ago.  
It says:  Crittenden Co.           
R. L. Moore Judge                 
F.  Davidson, J. P.                    
W. D. Drennan, J. P.                

Webster Co.
A. R. Wall, Judge
O. C. Vaughn, J. P.
R. W. Hoket, J. P.

This old bridge was torn down in 1982 and a new two-lane concrete bridge was constructed in it's place.

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