Monday, July 4, 2011

James Clinton, Revolutionary War Soldier

 Happy Birthday

James Clinton, buried in the Piney Fork Cemetery served in our nation's fight for independence.  James Clinton was born in Pennsylvania in 1761.  He and his father moved to South Carolina and in 1780 he was drafted into duty for a three month tenure.  Fighting the Tories and Creek Indians on the Georgia frontier, he got his first taste of combat.

When he returned home, about the time of the patriots' defeat at Charleston, Clinton immediately volunteered as a private in South Carolina's York District.   He served as a Sergeant in Captain Joseph Howe's Company; he was appointed a Lt. in July 1780 and served in Col. Brattons's SC  Regiment.  He was commissioned Captain and served primarily as a spy under Col. Sumter.  He served in the battles of Mobley's Meeting House; Stallions on Fishing Creek; Fish Dam Ford; Black Stocks on the Tiger River,Bratten's Plantation and Biggen's Church.

After the death of his wife, Ann Armstrong, in 1839, Clinton moved to Crittenden County and resided here until his death in 1847.

 June 1, 2002, Capt. James Clinton was honored with a plaque from the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution commemorating his service.  The ceremony was organized by a descendant of Clinton's, Ann Walker Herzer.

In the picture at left, Ann is speaking with one of the Color guards that came from Frankfort to participate in the impressive service. 

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