Saturday, July 2, 2011

Crooked Creek Church

Crooked Creek Church is another one of Crittenden County's old historic churches.  It is located  about 2 miles north of Marion on the old Ford's Ferry Road.  It is practically in the center, geographically, of Crittenden Count and the third missionary Baptist Church organized in the county.

In 1835 a group of believers were inspired to organize a New Testament Church which was to be known as the Crooked Creek United Baptist Church of Christ.  The location was purchased from the Southern Presbyterians.  Originally it consisted of a primitive log house and a few acres of ground.  This house was destroyed during the Civil War.

The building which now stands replaces the log hut.  Peter E. Shewmaker, supervised the construction of the present building in 1869 at a cost of $999.75.  Peter Shewmaker and Alexander Grissom did the logging and prepared the lumber for the building.  Together they completed it.  The church was dedicated June 17, 1870.

On July 21, 1892, the church organized Sunday School.  

The church got electricity in 1949 and in 1985 a new addition was added to the back of the building.  A basement, Sunday School rooms, water and plumbing were also added.  The church is still active today, although the congregation is much smaller than it was some years ago.

This is a view of the cemetery and church as you enter the lane to the church.

Pictures made Feb. 2011.

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