Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Going Springs School

One of the numerous one room school that dotted the country side many years ago was the Going Springs School.  Going Springs was located in a wooded area in the vicinity of Winlow Park near U. S. 60 North.  At one time in the early 1800's a family by the name of Going owned the land.  That was how the school became known as Going Springs School.  

One of the most unique aspects of old one-room schools was the feeling of closeness and community pride.  The schools developed around farming communities in the area.  The schoolhouse was the centerpiece of the community. 

Picture of Going Spring students in 1926.  W. K. Powell was the teacher.  He is in the back of the picture. This group of students Mr. Powell was preparing them for taking the state teacher's examination.

The young woman are: front, left to right: Clara Stone and Hazel Farley.
Second row: Maymie Murray, Mattie Lee Conger, Pauline Clark and Grace Lemon.  

Clara Stone Howerton was a well-known Crittenden County school teacher and taught in the county until she retired in 1980.

About 1929 the Going Springs School closed and consolidated with the Mattoon school district.  

I've written about Winslow Park before.  It was always a well-known and popular park.  Many family and church events were held there.  Winslow Park was a name and place that everyone used to know and could identify with going there.  As I wrote the little article for the Blog, it dawned on me that I guess my generation is the last ones that will even remember the old park.  It is all gone now and the younger generation does not even recognize the name of Winslow Park much less where it was located.

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