Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Marion - Kentucky's Hidden Treasurer

Marion was lucky enough several years ago to be able hire a person as the Tourisum developer for Marion and Crittenden County.  

She started at once to find items of interest related to our town and county.  She came up with the slogan of Kentucky's Hidden treasurer, Marion and Crittenden County.  

This mural that was painted by Crittenden County students in 2005 tells of some of our hidden treasurers that most people do not realize we have.  This mural is displayed on Larry Orr CPA office building (used to be our old Kentucky Theater building).

Shown in the mural are: left to right an Amish barn and buggy, showing our Amish community, which tourists love to visit and purchase their items for sale, some include  hand crafted furniture, all kind of homemade food, just to name a few;  an old Fluorspar mines that reflects our rich history when Crittenden County was the number one producer of this mineral at one time. Many items of this era are on display at the world famous Clements Mineral Museums;  a field of wild turkey and deer, although I don't care for hunting, they say a hunters paradise for these; and the Cave-In-Rock Ferry, only two of these ferries are used in Kentucky today and this is one of them, it is a beautiful ride across the waters of the mighty Ohio.  So we do have things that we take for granted each day, but to people from other States, we do have hidden treasures for them to enjoy. 

If you might be interested in more about Marion and Crittenden County visit their  website at:  

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