Friday, April 29, 2011

Heirloom Quilts In Marion

This is the annual Backroads Tour in Marion and Crittenden County.  It coincides  with the Quilt Show at Paducah, as visitors there like to visit sites in the surrounding area.  The historic flood of 2011 will cause some problems, as many of the county roads in the Amish county are impassable due to the flooding of the Ohio River.

But if your big interest is Quilts, Marion has many displays for you to see starting today and tomorrow.  It looks like it's going to be a beautiful 2 days, so maybe you can come see all the many, many quilts that have come out of storage for these two days.

Here are just a few that are on display at the Crittenden County Historical Museum at 124 East Bellville Street.

This heirloom quilt is the oldest quilt that the Museum has.  The information with this quilt says that it was made by Elizabeth Kirk Hodge in 1856-57.  She was the wife of Robert Washington Hodge.

The Tumbling Block Quilt was made by Nancy Jane Farmer Hamilton, and it was handed down to her daughter, Elizabeth Hamilton Moore and then to granddaughter, Helen Moore.  You see more than one patten design when you first look at the quilt, but at a closer view they are all boxes.

This colorful quilt is just one of our many "Friendship Quilts".  This one was made by Annabel Alexander, a favorite county school teacher of many years ago.  She had her family and friends in the Piney Fork and Fredonia areas embrodiery their name and a design on their block.  It was started in the 1930's, but just recently finished by her daughter, Sarah Alexander Ford.

All of our quilts are from local families and each quilt or hand-made blanket we have has a little history to go with it.

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