Saturday, April 16, 2011

Marion Christian Church

Seeing the Dogwood trees blooming this week and the weather going through a very unsettling and very cold uncomfortable few days, made me think that this is surely Dogwood winter.  Today in our fair town it got to 48 degrees with a wind chill of 38.  Very uncomfortable.  

The Dogwood trees next to the Marion Christian Church on West Bellville tried to brave the rain and wind today and even if it was cold and miserable the trees are a beautiful sight.  The wind has damaged some of their petals after today.  

This church has a long and varied history.  The church was built in 1890 as a Methodist Episcopal Church South.  The Methodists worshipped there until April 12, 1912 when they moved into their present church on College Street.
After they moved various organizations used the building and it was once used for storage from a near by hardware store while they were working on their store.

In Sept. 2009 the church was awarded an official status as a Kentucky landmark.  The award identifies the Marion Christian Church as an "architectural, archaeological and historic property."

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