Friday, March 25, 2011

Trail of Tears Leads to Mantle Rock

Took a scenic hike this past week.  Although the location wasn't in Crittenden County, it has history ties to here because part of the Trail of Tears went through Crittenden County.  To me this period in our country's history is a dark and sad one. 

The day I made the hike around the area where the Mantle Rock is located, it was a beautiful, warm, spring day, hard to imagine what it was like for the Indians in the harsh winter of 1838-39 as they made their way across the area, and camped in the area waiting for the Ohio River to thaw enough for them to cross and continue their journey to present-day Oklahoma.

This is a picture of the Mantle Rock.  Some of the Indian's were said to have camped for shelter under the rock.

The creek still running swiftly from the recent rains we've had was a beautiful sight in the deeper areas where it was a clear green color.

Although a sad place to visit for the circumstances that has made it a Native American Historical Landmark, Mantle Rock serves as an emblem of resistance, survival and spirituality.

Perhaps you can visit it one day, walk the trail that the Cherokee's walked and feel the sadness in the shade of the Mantle Rock.

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