Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ohio River Overflow

A normal occasion every spring is the flooding of the Ohio River.  You can usually always count on it happening about this time every year as the winter snows from up North melt and join the streams and rivers and gather more water from spring rains as it flows on down to Kentucky.  

The Ferry has been closed for a week now as the Ohio is too swollen for the ferryboat to run.  People from Illinois and also the Kentucky side miss this means of transportation across the river.   Many people from Cave-In-Rock are regular visitors to Marion for groceries, hardware, and the variety of restaurants they have to chose from to eat.  They are also regular visitors to the Amish stores.  

The picture above is in some of the low lying fields that flood water from Hurricane Creek overflow into.  Several county roads are impassable now because they are covered with flood water.

This picture is made from the Hebron Church Road.  The river is flooded into the bottoms lands of the local farms.  The tree line in the middle of the water is where the edge of river usual is.

If you have never seen this event, it's hard to visualize how the river can overflow and cover the surrounding areas as it does.  It's quite a sight to see.

If things go as normal, the river will soon recede back into it's banks, the land will return to normal and it will once again be a memory of the spring flood for this year.

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